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Become a Mentee in an european project "Disability Leadrs of Tomorrow".


The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) invites front-line managers and social entrepreneurs working in the service provision for persons with disabilities to apply for becoming mentees - the Disability Leaders of Tomorrow (D-LoT project)


The mentees will benefit from the participation in an innovative and tailored capacity building programme and it is envisaged that the improvement of their leadership and management skills will lead to more resilient and efficient organisations able to lead the innovation on disability service provision service provision in line with UN CRPD framework. Why apply?

- To enable the implementation of best practices in the day to day work of your organisation and their transmission in the disability service provision in your country 

- To be recognised as leading expert on disability service provision in your country and Europe 

- To further develop your knowledge on the latest developments in the sector and meet a variety of relevant actors from different countries

- To enhance networking skills and knowledge of models of good practice

- To take part in training activities and to receive and put in place new knowledge and approaches thanks to the connections with other mentees and mentees, who will offer new, fresh and creative thinking

- To become a mentor yourself and replicate the impact of the project in other local organisations through your Pass it On project

- To participate in D-LoT Alumni Network, which will be created to ensure the continuity of the connections and to boost the cooperation opportunities between the organisations that have taken part in the project

Send your application to by 21.08.2015

GET 3 documents and read below.


1. Fill in the Application Form 

Before completing the form, please review the project description. In your application you need to:

- Explain the actual needs and challenges in your organisation and how you can implement 

- Commit to passing on the knowledge and explain how you will do it. As a mentee, you will improvements in the service you are leading (or delivering). Without the need to define a full and detailed implementation plan, as this will be part of the knowledge gained throughout the project, you need to prove your authority and readiness to implement changes in your organisation. have to develop a project proposal on how to transfer the gained knowledge; this proposal should contain a minimum set of activities:

- To promote the online platform where all the training materials will be available

- To develop an “at work mentoring scheme”, where they can train their co-workers

- To design other activities, as specific external trainings (for new mentees) and 

dissemination events at local level. 

2. Prepare a short Curriculum Vitae (CV) demonstrating the required expertise and knowledge 

3. Sent your application to by 21th August 2015


Every questions please send to

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Mentor of a Project

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